Welcome to your mobile dog groomer for northern Hamburg
Diplom Groomer Inga Todt
Appointments upon request

My service for your dog:

  • Brushing / Combing
  • Cutting / Clipping
  • Trimming
  • Remove wool underneath the fur
  • Bathing / Drying
  • Care of the eyes / ears / paws
  • Fur treatment consultation

About me:

My name is Inga Todt and I have been living in Hamburg since 2001. In my experience with caring for and sitting of dogs I noticed how loving and attentive the Hamburgers look after their dogs.

Dogs have always been my hobby. Therefore, with my training to be dog groomer, I am glad to be able to turn my passion into my profession. This training taught me the different hair types of various dog races, skin-and-fur care for young and older dogs as well as a broad variety of cutting and trimming techniques in theory and practice. My qualification according to the standards of the Federation Cynologique Internationale FCI and continuous advanced training allow me to meet your high demands. I am happy to integrate your personal wishes and look forward to a creative cooperation.

Tel.: 040 - 2982 3359

Mobil: 0160 - 84 777 86

Mail: info@hf-volksdorf.de